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Vestige celebrates 20th Anniversary with sculpture at Medina Ice Festival

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Vestige celebrates 20th Anniversary with sculpture at Medina Ice Festival

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MEDINA, OH (Jan. 24, 2024) – Make time to visit Medina, Ohio’s historic town square for the  Annual Ice Festival being held on President’s Day weekend, Feb 16 through 19.

Medina’s beautiful uptown comes to life with amazing ice sculptures created by competing ice carvers. Not only is there ice carvings, but also plenty of quaint shops to duck-in and warm up in.

Vestige Digital Investigations is proud to participate in this four-day event of frozen fun. In celebration of the company’s 20th anniversary in 2024, the Vestige ice carving is an anniversary theme and is just one of scores of sponsored carvings to marvel and enjoy. Look for it outside of our office building on the west side of the square.

“We invite everyone to come and celebrate with us at Medina ‘s square for this wholesome mid-winter community event. There is something for the whole family,” said Damon Hacker, Vestige President & CEO.

Frozen works of art are added each day to the Square during ice carving competitions at the Medina Ice Festival. Visitors can watch the ice chips fly at carving during the day and also visit see the sculptures illuminated at night with multi-colored lights.

The Ice Festival, created by Elegant Ice Creations and promoted by Main Street Medina, features the following schedule:

Speed Carving – 5:30pm, 6pm, 6:30pm
Fire & Ice Tower – 7pm

Individual Ice Carving Competition

Team Ice Carving Competition

VESTIGE 2024 – 20th Anniversary Ice Sculpture:


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