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CMMC Assessments

CMMC Step 1: Pre-Assessment

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The first step in the CMMC Process is to have a Pre-Cybersecurity Assessment performed.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you’ve arrived?”

For many organizations, the idea of having to comply with CMMC is insurmountable.  We hear “it’s too much to ask”, “we’re just a small company – we can’t afford to become CMMC”, and “it’ll cost us more than we make on our contracts!”.  We also hear companies say that they’re ready – yet when we talk specifics, it becomes clear that they’re nowhere close.

For any of those scenarios, there’s an easy response – How Do You Know?

Without a true understanding of where the organization is within the process, an honest look at the practices that are in-place and a deep dive into whether the company is at a place where it can prove its compliance – it’s truly hard to know things like: how much it’ll cost, what is the effort required and most importantly…how to get this accomplished.

What organizations need is clarity.  Organizations need a roadmap.

Pre-Certification Assessment:

  • Performing a Pre-Certification CMMC Assessment service (think “mock audit”) for your organization is the #1 best practice that can set you up for success. Vestige’s Pre-Certification Assessment mimics the assessment that you will need to pass when the CMMC Third Party Assessor Organization (C3PAO) evaluates your readiness.  Using the same guidance, the same critical eye that the C3PAO will use, Vestige performs an independent, deep dive assessment of the organization.  We evaluate and test each one of the controls that you need to have in-place for:  Design, Execution and your ability to provide Evidence.  The end result is a gap analysis combined with a clear-cut gap roadmap as to what and how you need to address those gaps.
  • The end result is a Gap Analysis report  showing where your organization currently stands in regard to passing the CMMC certification, current maturity level, and a clear-cut Roadmap, providing the path forward to obtaining the desired/required maturity level.

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