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Ctrl-Alt-Del: IT Reboot & Recovery

IT Personnel Transition Services

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Don’t be captive by your IT Department.

Vestige offers a unique Cybersecurity service to organizations and their Human Resources Departments called Ctrl-Alt-Del IT  – Reboot & Recovery.

Organizations should never feel captive by their IT Department. Vestige helps empower organizations with the Ctrl-Alt-Del IT service. This IT transition service provides a solution for quiet and effective transitional control of your digital environment should IT staff in critical positions leave unexpectedly, pass away or are being let go.

Vestige will step in and provide a timely, smooth, temporary take-over of the IT environment and transition to replacement personnel, including ensuring that there are no backdoors to the IT environment – all with minimal disruption to your organization.

How to Begin

We start with an assessment of your IT infrastructure.  A kick-off meeting with company management allows Vestige to understand from a high level overview the company’s IT infrastructure and the plan for the transition of the IT functions.  Once on site, Vestige strives to learn in great detail the entire IT infrastructure, and not just the internal devices.  Vestige will gather information regarding the external systems as well.  The end result is a detailed map of your IT infrastructure, both internal and external, along with necessary credentials and the assurance that any former employee or third-party vendor has been locked out.


Vestige will also help you work with your vendors to understand your relationship with them and how you obtain the necessary credentials and permissions to work with them.  Vestige will then work with you to schedule the timing to execute the plan and take control of your internal and external systems.

If you find yourself in this type of predicament and need our IT transition service – call Vestige and help is on the way!