As of June 1, 2024, Vestige Digital Investigations is part of ArcherHall, a leading digital forensics, 
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Discovery Consultation

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Discovery Consultation

Let’s face it, ESI (Electronically Stored Information) isn’t the most straight-forward discipline for legal teams.  Yes, much has changed since the seminal Zubulake v UBS Warburg matter, since the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) were amended in 2006 to include ESI and since a host of specialists and certifications have come onto the scene.  For many in the legal field, Discovery has traditionally focused around paper documents.  And even if you were able to successfully transition from paper-based discovery to electronic discovery, the paradigms haven’t shifted much – you’re still basically conducting discovery in the same fashion.  That is, reviewing the evidence by reading, culling and determining privilege and relevancy.

Yet, technology has continued to advance.  This means larger volumes of data, different types of data and as well as a plethora of nuances that become important when laying out an overall Electronic Discovery (e-Discovery/ESI) strategy.

That’s where the ESI Experts at Vestige can assist.  Whether it is helping with an overall collection and processing strategy, assisting with identifying sources of relevant electronic evidence, advising on the use of advanced, technological means of conducting e-Discovery searches, or even in strategizing the manner in which searches can be conducted.

Since 2004, Vestige’s Experts have been highly involved in the world of ESI.  We have assisted in thousands of matters, understand relevant case law, know what technology can bring to the forefront and know what distractions to avoid.  If your team needs assistance, look to Vestige to provide the needed expertise.

For eDiscovery Consultation, contact Vestige today.