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Cross-Examination of Opposing Expert

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Cross-Examination of Opposing Expert

While having the right Expert in your corner can help you to understand the digital evidence that is beneficial for your case, it is equally important to have the right Expert to assist with cross-examining the party opponent’s expert.

Reputable Digital Forensic Examiners, like Vestige, treat the evidence, analysis and rendered opinions as a science.  That means that we are conveyors of the truth based upon the evidence–leaving the advocating to the legal team.  Our role is to present the findings, backed up with factual information and our interpretation of the evidence to form an Expert opinion.  Many times this is backed by testing.  In fact, Vestige subscribes to the Scientific Method to prove/disprove theories and arrive at the correct response.

It is our experience that oftentimes opposing “experts” don’t follow these same foundational principles.  In fact, all too often we find that opposing experts come to the wrong conclusions based upon “experience” as opposed to testing.  Vestige is often called upon by trusting legal teams to assist with forging the correct strategy for cross-examination and educating the legal team on the nuances of the party opponent’s expert’s report – eventually arming the legal team with the right questions for which to cross-examine the expert.

If you require a Cross Examination of an Opposing Expert (Digital Forensic, Cybersecurity, or ESI), contact Vestige today.


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