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Device Usage Reconstruction

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Device Usage Reconstruction

Leaning on artifact analysis, Device Usage Reconstruction is the analysis of the manner in which a device (computer, server, mobile device, etc) has been used.  A wide range of questions can be answered through such analysis, such as:

  • Was this device used to commit a specific act
  • Was the device in a specific geography (GPS)
  • What network(s) has the device been attached to (wired, wireless, cellular and Bluetooth)
  • Was the user working during work hours or spending time on non-work related activities
  • What peripherals may have been connected to the device
  • What software has been installed, uninstalled and/or used
  • Were activities undertaken to thwart an investigation (i.e. anti-forensic techniques, data destruction, etc.)
  • And much more

Look to Vestige for Device Usage Reconstruction Services.