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Internet History Analysis

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While digital evidence surrounds us in all types of devices, one noteworthy trusted source continues to be the browser history on these devices (workstations, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, etc.) Investigators can learn a lot about an individual, their habits, interests and state of mind based upon their browsing patterns and internet history. While the browsers will typically allow the layperson to review the history — what happens when that history has been cleared by the target? What if they use Incognito or other “masking” technologies? That’s where Vestige’s Internet History analysis comes into play.

By forensically preserving and forensically analyzing the device(s) through internet history analysis, Vestige is able to:

  • Reconstruct user’s sessions,
  • Identify searches that have been conducted,
  • Create timeline analyses around what was happening on the device,
  • Identify other potential leads and sources for digital evidence, monetary transactions, real estate or other assets (such as in a fraud, divorce or other type of investigation).

We are often able to rebuild the experience that the user had when visiting such sites — even if those sites have been changed since the user’s visit.  This can be important in situations where the evidence has been altered on the original website.

To learn more about Vestige’s capabilities and to see if internet history analysis makes sense for your investigation, contact Vestige Today!


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