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Opposing Expert Critique

Opposing Expert Witness Services

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During the course of litigation proceedings, an expert witness may be asked to provide a rebuttal analysis and opinion to refute the position(s) of the opposing digital forensic or cybersecurity expert, also called an Opposing Expert Critique.

The purposes of the rebuttal are two-fold:

1. To establish a solid foundation that can be used to discredit the credibility and accuracy of the opposing expert’s position.

2. To further establish and support the analysis, conclusions and opinions initially offered. A rebuttal can be a powerful tool when used correctly. Not only can it be used as a tool during trial, but a strong rebuttal frequently can be used as leverage for the purpose of reaching a favorable settlement.

On occasions, there are opposing experts who don’t have the deep knowledge or the proper testing procedures in place to come upon the correct conclusion.

Vestige has a deep understanding of the subtle nuances in digital forensics and cybersecurity and has often poked holes in an opposing expert witness’s findings and testimony by reanalyzing the data and performing our air-tight testing ensuring and authenticating our conclusions are correct.

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