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Document & E-mail Authentication

Electronic Document Authentication Service

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Confirm documents and emails used for evidence have not been altered with Electronic Document Authentication.

If you come across a situation during a case where you suspect documents or emails have been tampered or otherwise altered, consider having Document or Email Authentication performed.

Examples include: A Microsoft Excel document doesn’t have expected financial data; or a Will or probate document does not seem to fit the verbal wishes of the deceased individual; or perhaps a dispute over when an email was sent or when a calendar appointment was created; or an email was changed in a wrongful termination suit; or when a CAD design was created in an intellectual property matter. All of these situations can be solved through digital forensic analysis and appropriately classified as Electronic Document Authentication.

Electronic Document Authentication, is the analysis of electronic media to confirm facts, such as origin, composer, timestamps, and more. Media of all types contains metadata that may be of use in internal investigations, criminal proceedings and civil court cases. Some typical examples of sources of evidence that can be used for computer forensics documentation include: Microsoft Office documents, E-mails, various financial invoices, images, audio/video recordings, and more.

Authenticating a file is not as easy as looking at the “apparent metadata” of the file. Any of the metadata can be manipulated relatively easily by malicious tools designed to display incorrect data. Even typical use of a computer can change the dates and times of a file in such a way to mislead those without a trained eye of an Expert.

Vestige routinely conducts Document Authentication in a wide range of cases. Our experienced Digital Forensic Experts are skilled at utilizing specific forensic tools to provide proper authentication of the evidence.