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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

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Unless you were living under a rock in 2023, you know about (and have probably played with) ChatGPT as your foray into Artificial Intelligence.  While not a new subject (did you know Vestige’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Greg Kelley, has his Computer Engineering with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence (1995)?), AI has certainly entered today’s lexicon in a big way.

While most individuals are looking at Generative AI ( and all of its benefits for creating content.  In some of Vestige’s ESI / eDiscovery Services, we use Artificial Intelligence and its related technology, Machine Learning (ML), to carry out the tedious task of identifying and culling relevant data amongst large data sets.

If your eDiscovery project entails tens or hundreds of thousands of documents or more, now’s the time to consider the efficiency and accuracy of Artificial Intelligence.  Find out how by reaching out to Vestige today!