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In today’s digital world relevant digital evidence provides significant proof in legal matters. Insulate your client or I.T. staff who may be uncomfortable, inexperienced or may not perform well in providing an Affidavit, Deposition, or Testimony at a hearing or trial.

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Contact Vestige. We are Digital Forensic Experts in accordance with Federal Rules of Evidence 702 and offer neutral testimony pertaining to what digital forensics reveals. We have extensive deposition, hearing and trial experience. In fact, we’ve testified in courts of law in scores of Digital Forensic and CyberSecurity matters.

We are Experts at opining on digital devices and IT environments and their related evidence and security. Look to Vestige when you need Expert witnesses for computer / digital forensics and cybersecurity.

We take pride in being up-front and honest with our clients. Through our reputation of bringing integrity to each case, we are trusted as an objective party. Because the “evidence is what it is,” we represent either side — defendant or plaintiff, and are industry professionals in providing compelling Expert Testimony.

If you are seeking a Digital Forensics Expert to represent you or your client in a matter, contact Vestige’s elite selection of highly experienced and well respected Digital Forensic and Cybersecurity Experts. We offer a number of affordable options.