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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Cybersecurity is Everyone's Business. Get staff trained today.

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Why this cybersecurity training is so crucial

Cybersecurity is mistakenly believed to be an I.T. issue, in actuality it’s an H.R. issue.

85% of system compromises occur due to human errors, not technological errors.

63% of compromises are due to lost, stolen, weak, or default credentials which again — is a people issue.1

Social engineering attempts such as phishing and pharming sites, and Business Email Compromises (BEC’s) are on the rise; things are going to get worse before they get better. Until your users can recognize and learn to spot the tactics that attackers are using — your company IS at risk of a cyber compromise or breach.

What Works

Training, training, training — but not just any training. It has been shown that all digital device users have different learning styles and preferences, what works for one person may be ignored by another. As such, Vestige combines a variety of learning tools to ensure that users fully understand safe Cybersecurity practices on a continuing basis, each and every day.

Available Cybersecurity Awareness Training Services

Vestige’s packages for cybersecurity awareness training services are tailored to your organization & include combinations of:

  • Live Cybersecurity Awareness Training Workshops
  • Pre-Recorded & Online Training Presentation
  • Mock Phishing Expeditions
  • Training Collateral to be posted and/or distributed within the organization via email, with changing messages throughout the year to keep the importance in the forefront of users minds
  • Quizzes to Measure Training Effectiveness with additional instruction, discussion, or advanced remediation methods, when needed

1  2016 Data Breach Investigations Report, Verizon.

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