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Hunt Team Service at Vestige - High Level Cybersecurity

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Proactive, Long-Term Cyber Defense

With high profile data breaches in the daily news, the IT Department has moved from the ‘costly overhead’ department to the ‘critical component’ and key player in safeguarding everything from intellectual property to your organization’s employees personal information.

Protecting your organization from today’s sophisticated and advanced cyber attackers who are seeking to profit or cause harm to your corporate mission isn’t a one-time, one-stop solution. Hackers are opportunists. True protection requires constant vigilance. Every day, cyber criminals watch for opportunities to:

  • Breach your perimeter
  • Steal employee credentials
  • Inject malicious code into legitimate processes to bypass anti-virus protection

The moment the opportunity becomes available, your most sensitive data can be compromised in seconds.

Types of Cybercrime:

  • Botnet Takedowns
  • Carding Rings
  • Cyber Stalking
  • Fraud Sites
  • Identify Theft
  • Insider Theft
  • Malware Creators
  • Phishing
  • Pharming
  • Sabatoge Creators
  • Viruses

That’s why today’s cutting edge organizations are fully committing to computer security and effective threat hunting. They are choosing a proactive, comprehensive, long-term cyber defense approach with a cyber Hunt Team.

A Hunt Team continuously searches through your organization’s network looking for active indicators, markers and red flags that attackers leave behind as they are performing reconnaissance, privilege escalation, persistence and the myriad steps taken to “owning” your secure data. The cybersecurity team then stops or greatly mitigates the attack BEFORE it can occur.

Choose Vestige to assist your IT security team with effective threat hunting and counterintelligence in a flexible and fiscally responsible way.

Advantages of the Vestige Hunt Team Service

Vestige’s experience in preventing and solving data breach issues runs deep.

Vestige’s cyber Hunt Team and cyber security services can potentially save an organization millions of dollars in regards to legal fees, network downtime, staff time, customer trust and brand protection.

When you contract with our Hunt Team we serve as an extension of your IT Department, bringing the most advanced cyber protection technology and tools, along with the expertise and commitment from our respected Cybersecurity Forensics team.

Vestige’s Hunt Team of Cyber Investigators enhances your organization’s capabilities by supplementing the overall proactive cyber defense from persistent attackers. Our certified professionals work together to detect, identify and understand in order to completely thwart or greatly mitigate advanced cyberattacks.

Hunt Team Service Overview

Effective threat hunting does require time, effort and resources to recognize an encroaching attack. However, there is a clear correlation between lower costs, improved customer retention and maintaining reputation for those organizations that are ready and best able to detect and prevent Cybersecurity issues. An active Hunt Team defense not only shields against attacks, but identifies the existing risks as well as other potential issues taking place within your infrastructure.

The Vestige cybersecurity team is powerful, and in order to have success it requires a long-term partnership with administration, legal, law enforcement, individual partners, suppliers and customers.

How It Works

The Hunt Team service is a long-term retainer agreement.

Services include:

  • Risk Analysis
  • Information Mapping
  • Management & Best Practices
  • Dedicated Team Deployment
  • Regular “Hunt Activity” (pre-defined in the contract)
  • Reporting & Feedback

Services also included, but are not limited to:

  • Malware | Virus Analysis & Reverse-Engineering
  • Active Memory Analysis – Rootkit and Zero-day Identification
  • Rogue Devices, Applications & Service Analysis
  • Data Exfiltration Assessment
  • Log Aggregation, Coordination & Management
  • Compromised Credential Monitoring
  • Firewall & Other Critical Infrastructure Configuration Analysis

Join today’s cutting edge organizations by taking proactive measures and protect your organization with an actionable and expert solution to prevent data breach incidents — with Vestige’s Hunt Team service.


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