Kelley to present a CLE webinar to Women in eDiscovery - Indianapolis Chapter on June 5 on the topic: Fabricating & Concealing Data on Smart Phones.

Social Media Data

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Social Media Data Preservation

As a form of communication, whether sanctioned or unsanctioned, oftentimes relevant evidence in a matter may be found in any number of social media platforms.  Successful data collection of social media data requires attention to a number of special considerations, including:

  • Potential data privacy issues
  • Public and private access to social media posts
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Data throttling by the provider
  • Proprietary Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for the presentation and extraction of social media data in a programmatic fashion
  • Collecting on-going posts in real-time or near real-time

Consult with Vestige to ensure that evidence locked inside social media platforms is preserved in a manner that ensures completeness and is able to be authenticated.

For Digital Forensic Services of Social Media Data, contact Vestige today.