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Computer & Server Data

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Preserving Computer & Server Data

Traditional workstations (laptops and desktop computers) as well as servers will have one or more media components, including traditional hard-drives (think magnetic, “spinning” disks), Solid State Drives (including SSD hard-drives, and other SSD media including external hard-drives, flash/thumb drives, etc.)  Servers almost always contain multiple hard-drives, oftentimes configured in Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Drives (RAID).

Over the span of nearly 2 decades, Vestige has forensically collected Petabytes (PB) of data on tens of thousands of devices.  We offer any of the forensic preservation options when preserving such data.

Depending on the number of drives and the capacity of drives, preservation may take under an hour on up to a day.  Vestige provides both “dead” forensic acquisitions (device is powered off) as well as “live” acquisitions (especially prevalent with servers or systems that cannot or it is undesirable to power down).

For Digital Forensic Services of Computer & Server Data, contact Vestige today.