As of June 1, 2024, Vestige Digital Investigations is part of ArcherHall, a leading digital forensics, 
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us to serve you and your clients even better.

Archive and Backup Media

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In the context of imaging data for eventual forensic analysis, historically, backups of electronic evidence have been difficult, if not impossible to image.  That of course is true if one considers that forensic analysis can only be achieved via forensic imaging of the data.  However, when one considers that the true requirement around forensic imaging is to adequately preserve the data in a manner which preserves its integrity and that the data can be authenticated (including chain of custody, etc.), a quick change in one’s mindframe can lead to alternate solutions.  Vestige has the tools, techniques and mindframe that allows us to identify and properly preserve — in a forensically-sound manner — data that resides on archival and backup media.  This media can include all forms of magnetic media (e.g. tape, floppy disks, iOmega Zip and Jaz Drives, external hard-drives, etc.) as well as optical media (e.g. CD, DVD, BluRay, Write-Once, Read Many (WORM), etc.).

In some situations we can read directly from the media (even if it is encrypted or stored in a proprietary format) and other times we can forensically restore the data and then proceed with preserving it in a forensically-sound manner.

For all of your preservation and analysis needs surrounding archival and backup media, turn to the Experts at Vestige.