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Pre-Certification & Readiness Compliance Assessments

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Pre-Certification & Compliance Readiness Assessments

While many organizations approach cybersecurity because they have specific concerns or they want to ensure that their organization is protected, some organizations’ find that they need to comply with one or more compliance regimes (i.e. ISO 27001, HITRUST, PCI-DSS, CMMC, CMMI, etc.)

Most of these compliance regimes require an official certification assessment – usually provided by a certified assessor.  These compliance assessments are “evidence-based” assessments, meaning that it is not good enough to simply indicate compliance, but instead the organization must demonstrate its compliance by providing adequate evidence that the control environment is designed and operating effectively.  For these organizations, as they go through the process it is important to know what is expected and where the organization really stands with its compliance.

As such, having a compliance readiness assessment conducted by an independent 3rd party assessor is a critical component of the organization’s preparedness. When performing a pre-certification/readiness assessment, Vestige conducts the assessment as if we are the certifying assessor, reviewing the control environment with the same critical eye and guidance that the assessing organization follows.  We review and opine on the Design, Execution and Evidence.  Enabling the organization to understand where it truly stands and if it is ready for the certification process.  Vestige identifies the areas that need attention and provides a remediation plan for the organization.


While some organizations engage Vestige to conduct the Readiness Assessment and then set out on remediation on their own, others choose to engage us to assist or conduct the remediation.  With more than two decades of experience remediating cybersecurity issues, Vestige is well suited to assist with your remediation efforts.

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