Prepare for Data Breach Risks — Be Ready Today

Today’s cutting edge companies are choosing to be proactive by securing a proven partner with a breach readiness plan, rather than being reactive to cyberattacks or breaches. Organizations are taking advantage of Vestige’s BreachReady℠ that offers the breadth of services and proven expertise to address every point along the resolution lifecycle. Different from standard security operations function, the BreachReady℠ service fills a critical gap in the evolving CyberSecurity field.

Establish an Effective Prevention Plan Now

When an organization faces a CyberSecurity threat, time is of the essence for identifying the malicious activity, how the incident occurred, removing the incident and taking all the required follow-up actions. Getting the organization back to normal operation is always the primary concern—but far too often additional security measures and preservation of evidence can get overlooked in the rush to return to normal operation.

BreachReady℠ is an annual agreement that addresses these needs by creating a custom IT plan that is ready to go when your organization calls.

Vestige’s Digital Forensic Experts learn about your organization’s IT environment up-front, creates a custom plan and regularly verifies the IT environment throughout the year to ensure our information is still accurate. So, when there is a breach, you don’t waste valuable time vetting out an effective service—Vestige is already contracted and ready to jump right in armed with a customized plan.

Organizations benefit from Vestige’s CyberSecurity and Digital Forensic expertise because we specialize in:

  • Identifying the cause and assess the scope of an incident
  • Preserving the evidence to support any notification duties and potential litigation
  • Understanding the totality of the situation to ensure remediation is complete and assist legal with any Notification Obligation determination
  • Recommending an appropriate course of action to prevent/mitigate follow-on future attacks.

Vestige Digital Investigations offers trusted and extensive CyberSecurity experience to organizations. Our clients engage us to identify, prioritize, strategize and minimize their surface of attack and to put the necessary controls in place to prevent and respond to CyberSecurity incidents.


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